Celebrating 34 Years

Our Team

We attribute our success to truly understanding fishing;
the products, the sport and our customer’s markets.
Nanna Guthrie
General Manager

Born and raised in Japan, fluent in both speaking and writing Japanese. Moved to Arizona in 2000 and joined Jef International in 2011. Blessed with a wonderful husband and three great sons.

Jennifer Duff

After a career in the fashion industry, Jennifer Duff rose to the top of the professional bass angler circuits in the western U.S. In 1988, she was invited by JBTA (Japan’s Bass Tournament Association) to live in Japan for one year (1989), competing in their bass tournaments and promoting the sport. The tour was successful and as a result Jef International, Inc. was established in 1990, advising to Japanese distributors of sport fishing tackle on American products and designs as an exporter.

Why "Jef"...

The name “Jef” was actually Jennifer’s nickname among American fishermen friends and was quickly adopted by Japanese fishermen due to one easy pronunciation syllable.  Her identification became more Jef than Jennifer in the fishing circles, thus the chosen name of “Jef International, Inc.”

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